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So few Squarespace websites rank in Google the way they could. Because there are no Squarespace SEO plugins like Wordpress has, all the back-end details need to be taken care of manually. And you need your keyword strategy implemented the right way in the right places, or you won't rank the way you should. Do it wrong and you might get a "keyword stuffing" penalty from Google. Plus there are a lot of Squarespace-specific quirks and template-specific issues you need to watch out for.

We have a proven track record in improving the search rankings of Squarespace websites. We combine a careful attention to detail with a thoughtful approach to your specific goals. Not only do we optimize your site with a fresh keyword strategy, we work with you to create a well-defined content strategy that will bring you increased traffic over time. You'll see measurable results in your Google rankings within weeks. 

Our SEO Services

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SEO Audit

We run a technical SEO audit of your site. Then we examine your site manually on the front and back ends, finding actionable areas for improvement. You receive an in-depth, knowledgable report conveying our findings with specific suggestions for change, as well as direct instructions for taking action.


SEO Consulting

We perform our SEO audit. Then, in close consultation with you, we manually optimize your site on the front and back ends to maximize your site's SEO, incorporating our analysis to imiplement the keyword strategy. Includes Schema Markup, page speed optimization, and Search Console optimization.


SEO Redesign

Some websites have fundamental problems with their page structure, or they are using a template that hinders their results. We offer everything in our usual SEO consulting package, plus a more fundamental website redesign for these websites.


We also offer ongoing SEO consulting including content marketing on a monthly retainer basis. Please inquire.

SEO Audit Services Include


Technical SEO Audit

We identify issues that will harm your rankings in Google, like missing or contraindicated tags or other entries, poor page or headline structure, subpar content, or a hindered user experience.


Keyword Research

We help you clarify what keywords you really need to target, taking into account user intent, your goals, and the value you have to offer. A thoughtful process, not just spitting out a tool's data.


On-Page Optimization

We integrate technical audit results, keyword research, your goals and our own knowledge and creativity to suggest (audit) or implement (consulting) effective on-page changes to boost your rankings.


Content Strategy

We take in your website and goals as a whole and suggest an effective content strategy going forward to produce effective and lasting improvements in your rankings.


SEO Consulting Also Includes


Personalized Implementation

We personally implement all the solutions implied by our SEO audit. We dig deep and use our own expertise to handle every issue.


Search Console Optimization

We make sure your Google Search Console is properly set up and check for outstanding issues such as HTML Improvements suggested by Google.


Structured Data Markup

Google loves structured data. But Squarespace's native implementation is rarely adequate. We add the right Schema markup appropriate to your identity and activities.


Page Speed Optimization

We identify bottlenecks slowing down your site load and take action to speed up your site, optimizing bloated pages and injected code that may not be needed.


SEO Case Studies

Case Study: Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy

Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy Website | SEO Services | Marksmen Studio

Page One, Position One: New York Jewish tours
Page One, Position One: lower east side Jewish tours

We moved the Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy from page two to the very top of the first page with an effective information architecture, keyword analysis and implementation, use of Schema, and detail work on the back end.


Case Study: Gabrielle Fink

Gabrielle Fink Website | SEO Services | Marksmen Studio

Page One: professional violinist New York

There is a slew of ambitious violinists in New York City. Almost all of them have websites. But we got Gabrielle Fink to the first page of Google with an effective keyword strategy, ranking her highly while avoiding a "keyword stuffing" penalty from Google. Of course, we did all of the usual backend detail work, too.


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