Squarespace SEO Audit

Squarespace SEO Audit


Want to know why your Squarespace website isn’t showing up on Google, or keeps performing poorly? Our Squarespace SEO audit is a great way to make sure you have your Squarespace website’s SEO in order.

The audit begins with a phone call or Skype session to discuss your website and your goals. We proceed to a technical SEO scan to help identify issues, followed by a careful manual examination on the front and back ends for settings, structure, various tags, and holistic SEO issues that are broader in scope. We check your site’s speed and look for issues that are slowing it down. We also examine your off-site Google Search Console, Google My Business, and Google Analytics accounts, and check for HTML improvements suggested by Google and for bad backlinks. We check your site’s structured data, an area where Squarespace websites can be deficient. We analyze your keyword strategy and its implementation on-page and in your content strategy. Finally, we consult with you again, offering actionable areas for improvement and direct instructions for undertaking them.

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