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Therapist Website: Alison Murphey, LMFT

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Alison Murphey moved on from a therapist website Service that wasn't helping her to a custom Squarespace website from Marksmen Studio.

Alison Murphey, LMFT | Therapist Website | Marksmen Studio
Could not be happier with my amazing new website. Marksmen Studio was incredibly helpful and made the whole process as easy as possible. Now I have a gorgeous website that is easy to use and manage.

Alison Murphey is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles. For years she had been paying monthly fees that added up into the thousands to keep a website from a therapist website company that wasn't bringing her clients. Built on a template, it looked like a lot of other therapist websites, and an SEO analysis showed it was missing critical elements, harming her rankings in search.

Marksmen Studio created a gorgeous, original design that adhered to her spirit and showcased her talents. We carefully selected attractive photos and fonts that subtly enhanced her image. And we worked with her on her original texts for each section, discarding the duplicate texts from her therapysites' website, which Google heavily penalizes.

Rounding out our efforts with a detail-oriented SEO approach, we integrated a keyword analysis into the site geared towards bringing in the most likely potential clients. The end results was a striking, well-organized site that represented her at her best both to clients and to search engines. We followed up with an ongoing SEO campaign to build momentum for her growing practice.

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Squarespace Therapist Website Examples

Marksmen Studio's  therapist website for Dr. Lauren Sosenko  of Brooklyn, NY

Marksmen Studio's therapist website for Dr. Lauren Sosenko of Brooklyn, NY

Marksmen Studio's  therapist website for Dr. Jamey Hecht  of Beverly Hills, CA

Marksmen Studio's therapist website for Dr. Jamey Hecht of Beverly Hills, CA

Therapist Website Packages 



We offer you a free consultation call to see if we are the right fit for you. Just make an inquiry. Include your current website if you have one. Packages begin at $2,000.

All packages include

  • Experienced designer of therapist websites.

  • Original design on the user-friendly Squarespace platform.

  • Custom selection of suitable fonts, color palette, and images integrated with your content.

  • Copy editing of existing content, with content creation and editorial services available.

  • Maintenance-free, break-proof website. No updates or plug-ins required, ever.

  • Responsive on all devices, including mobile. Look good everywhere.

  • SEO-optimized on front and back ends so you appear in search, with Google Analytics and Search Console integration included along with keyword analysis.

  • Attentive, thoughtful consideration of how to present you at your best.

  • Connecting your domain.

  • Custom email setup at your domain.

  • Custom video tutorials personalized for you, so you can make your way around your new website.

  • And more.

Options include

  • Booking engine.

  • Advanced SEO.

  • Content creation.

  • Custom logo.

  • External service code embeds.

  • E-commerce.

  • Wordpress to Squarespace transfer.

  • Complex domain problem-solving.

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