Our Squarespace SEO consulting is a great way to jump start your Squarespace website’s SEO and set it up for ongoing improvement. We have proven experience providing lasting results over time.

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Our consulting work begins after performing our Squarespace SEO audit to help identify issues, which includes a careful manual examination on the front and back ends. We change all appropriate settings as needed and optimize for speed where possible. We also examine and optimize your off-site Google Search Console, Google My Business, and Google Analytics accounts, checking for HTML improvements and disavowing bad backlinks if necessary. We add Schema markup to your site beyond what is provided by Squarespace natively.

More important than any of these steps is holistic SEO work to identify areas of incongruence on your site and in your strategy, as well as thoughtful consideration of your site architecture and the steps that might be taken to improve it. We engage in informed keyword research and apply its results directly to your site on-page in close consultation with you. We consult with you to discuss our work and your content strategy going forward. We offer specific, actionable content suggestions, plus direct instructions for creating improved SEO-sensitive content, as well as general suggestions for maintaining and improving the SEO health of your site long into the future. If desired, we consult on an ongoing basis to work for steadily improving results over time. We monitor your rankings and work with you on content strategy and effective, ethical link building to improve the “authoritativeness, expertise and trust” that generates the most thoroughgoing and lasting results in Google search.

Squarespace SEO Consulting
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